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Before my recent work as a product designer, I spent a decade designing websites. This included five years as Senior Designer at Brighton-based web agency, Clearleft, a few years freelance working directly with clients and sometimes through agencies, and a couple of years in-house at Harrods, designing their website and digital media for in-store screens.

I was responsible for managing client relationships directly with stakeholders on projects for start-ups, media publishers, charities, and more. Sometimes I worked on both the design and front-end build, other times I worked with a developer on the build.

I also worked on the software design for Silverback usability testing software.

Some of the clients I’ve worked with.

 The designs shown below are pre-2010, so look a little dated today! 

Silverback Visual design and front-end build for the Silverback website, which popularised parallax scrolling.

Silverback Visual design for Silverback software, and my first sketch of the app’s UI. Visual design of, for WWF International. Whilst at Clearleft.

Razoo Visual design for a charitable crowdfunding website. Think Kickstarter (before it existed) crossed with Just Giving. Whilst at Clearleft.

Rise Art Visual design for an art-for-hire website. Freelance.

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