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My role

Design lead


Pro feature allowing publishers and newsrooms to share a Twitter account without the security risk of sharing the password.

Examples below

A sketched user flow, low-fi prototype testing, final design.

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I led the design for this multi-faceted project. It was a huge security win for high value Twitter accounts which are typically the target of ‘hackers’.

We created a system by which newsrooms can grant different levels of access to team members, and revoke it at a moment’s notice.


I discovered our user’s needs through interviews and observational research undertaken in newsrooms. I facilitated a design workshop based on these requirements, involving the full product team – it’s important that the full team contributes and has a shared sense of ownership of new features.

I sketched up the main user journeys (one of which is shown below) based on our existing design patterns, then worked with a Front End engineer to produce a mocked up javascript prototype. I took this prototype to several newsrooms for usability testing (shown in the video further down the page).

The results of that testing fed back into the design process, and I produced visual designs which were iterated on through design crits, then built by the engineering team. (also shown below)


  • design lead
  • discovery phase
  • strategy and planning
  • sketched user flows
  • prototype usability testing
  • visual design
  • facilitating design crits

My team:

  • design research
  • design crit iteration
  • front-end build

One of several sketched user journeys. This one: adding a team member

Design progression between the Teams interactive prototype and the final build

Teams admin panel, final design Teams admin panel, final design

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